Money is not just a resource, it is also a source of happiness. As such, it needs to be properly maintained to ensure right balance between your earnings and expenditures. Only a few of us can afford financial advisors or are lucky to have an expert in finance around. However, all of us are not so lucky. In such a case, we are left at the mercy of our own resources.

So, what is the way out?

The answer lies online. Today, there are a number of bloggers in the domain of finance share their knowledge and suggestions to help other manage money better. Here, is thus a list of the top finance bloggers of India in 2019 you should look at –

Manish Chauhan

For more than a decade now, Manish’s blog ‘Jago Investor’ has been the guiding light to lakhs of people across the country who need help with their financial planning. His articles have been featured in a number of news channels and dailies and cover everything related to financial planning.

Vishal Khandelwal

Armed with an MBA and has worked in the stock market industry for eight years, which he terms as 'long', Vishal's posts are more about stories of how investors around the world have turned out to be successful. He also conducts interviews with investors in India and has compiled a number of e-books for the common man who needs direction in finance.

Basavraj Tonagatti

Basavraj Tonagatti or BasuNivesh as he is better known as started his blog with the sole intent of educating people on how individuals can help themselves in dealing with financial situations without the need for somebody else. His blogs are highly informative and written in a very simple language for Basavraj firmly believes that “Ignorance is the root cause for all bad practices”.


Amit’s MBA degree helped him understand the intricacies of the world of finance. He has a lot of certifications including a few from the NSE (National Stock Exchange). His blog covers topics which we hear about every day but do not get much detailed information about including Stocks, Mutual Funds, Retirement Planning, apart from Insurance and Taxes.

Raviraj Parkekh

Raviraj started his blog when he came to the realization the lack of finance and finance planning information of the educated people in metropolitan area. Some of his most popular topics include financial planning, investment, real estate, personal finance, and stock markets.

Sreekanth Reddy

Sreekanth is a Certified Financial Planner who founded his blog more than eight years backs. Some of the topics he covers include loans, banking services, tax planning, stock markets, commodities, insurance, and mutual funds.


Mint was the name of one of the computers in Manshu’s college network. Drawing inspiration from that name, when Manshu started his own financial blog, he named it ‘OneMint’. Today, apart from finance, he also covers the areas of economics and technology.

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P. V Subramanyam

When P V Subramanyam was in Class 12, he started investing. His love for finance brought him to the same domain. However, after working as a Chartered Accountant for nearly eighteen years he got exhausted of doing the same work and that’s when he started blogging. Today his blog ‘SubraMoney’ is known for conducting workshops for corporates to help employees to invest better and reap the most dividends.

Vipin Khandelwal

Vipin is committed to empowering individuals toward making smart decisions for their hard-earned money. He is an entrepreneur and in his spare time loves to read and travel. A few of his areas of expertise include mutual funds, investment, and financial planning. He is also credited for being accredited by SEBI as an Investment Advisor.

Deepak Shenoy

A graduate of NIT Surathkal, Deepak is the CEO and founder of ‘Capital Mind’. He has a vast experience of the stock markets and has been a guest analyst for a number of media outlets including CNBC-TV18 and ET Now. He is also a Research Analyst registered with SEBI. His blog covers the annual budget and RBI policies and anything that concerns the world of finance.

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